Name: HYC-AA-19


  • Based on the SNMP managed system which support the version of SNMP V1 V2C

  • Support the alarm system of TRAP

  • Support the port configuration of RS232

  • Support Data sheet and resume function

  • The Managed Media Converter can manage:Fiber Converter Module, Power supply, Fans.

  • It can monitor about 32 pcs (including native long distance) managed Fiber converter module

  • It can save the message although it is power off and resume all original configuration automatically when re-start the power. The safe message including:message of Fiber Configuration module, The address of TRAP.

  • Based on the Graphic format soft of WINDOWS2000/WINDOWS XP for each PC

  • The Ethernet network of Managed Module can support the parallel/cross of network patch cord

  • The high-reliable system of power backup.

  • Support the hot push & pull


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