What women want?
   Mar 8, 2010: At a time when the whole world is celebrating Women's Day, some prominent women personalities in Tamil film industry speak about the respect they command and the hardwork needed to establish a place for themselves in Kollywood.

Anees, a noted producer and wife of late cinematographer-director Jeeva, says, 'There is still a long way to go in Kollywood for women. They are not in a position of authority. However they have lots of respect these days. A State like Tamil Nadu worships women as Goddess. Being a producer and that too with a film background, I too was respected a lot'.

Echoing the same view is filmmaker Nandhini. 'Unlike five or six years ago, women are now looked upon with respect in Tamil cinema. When I was keen to join as assistant director, none was willing to take me in as they said that the job is difficult and that I cannot stay late hours for shooting or attending outdoors. But people like us took it as a challenge and proved them wrong.'

Lyricist Thamarai says, 'I sincerely urge women to see themselves
as inferior or superior to men. They should hone their skills whichever profession they are in and pursue it with dedication'.

Mala, CEO of Seventh Channel Communications, says, 'Though I don't believe in earmarking a day for celebrating women's contribution to society, I welcome it for it encourages busy women to celebrate. Our company has been presenting Achievers Award every year for women who have contributed a lot to society but are not in the limelight. This women's day, I am delivering special lectures in various places'

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What women want?

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