Subway Blasts Kill Dozens in Moscow
   Mr Modi told reporters he had been questioned for several hours by the Supreme Court-appointed panel, but gave no details of his testimony.

RK Raghavan, head of the panel, told reporters he was was "fully satisfied" with the questioning of Mr Modi.

He said Mr Modi could be called again for questioning "only if major gaps have remained in his answers".

Mr Raghavan said the panel would examine the evidence and hoped submit a report to the Supreme Court by 30 April.

Mr Modi was summoned in connection with the murder of a former Congress party MP, Ehsan Jaffrey, who was among dozens of Muslims killed in a residential complex in the state's biggest city, Ahmedabad.

His widow has filed a petition accusing Mr Modi of aiding and abetting his murder, a charge that has been rejected by the chief minister's BJP party.

The Supreme Court set up a panel to investigate the riots two years ago, after allegations that the Gujarat government was doing little to bring those responsible to justice, he adds.

Mr Modi is one of more than 60 people who have been named as co-accused.

In the past, the Supreme Court has criticised the government of Gujarat for failing to protect its Muslim citizens.

Mr Modi's supporters have always said that und

Subway Blasts Kill Dozens in Moscow

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Subway Blasts Kill Dozens in Moscow

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